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No two businesses are the same, so why should their marketing strategies be?

That is why we offer a variety of services provided by an incredibly well versed and talented team.

  • Social Media Management
  • Voice & Audience Guide
  • Email & Text Message Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Brand Development
  • Outsourced Marketing Department
  • Videography & Photography
  • UI/UX Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Marketing Automation

The High Tide Marketing team came highly recommended to us by a partner that knew we were in the process of optimizing our website. After a quick assessment, Hannah and Lexi created a detailed plan designed to fulfill every request. In just a few weeks, they rebuilt our website architecture for optimal loading time and improved our SEO performance so we appear in more online searches. Working with the High Tide Marketing team is great because they help you understand what needs to be done, they do it quickly and efficiently, and you share a few laughs in the process. They’re even helping us to enrich our web content and lay down the foundation of an informative newsletter. Would I recommend them? Absolutely. Do I want to lose them? Never.

Jefferson King, Regional Manager, Everest Apothecary

I have had the privilege of working in lock-step with the High Tide team on a few projects from start to finish.  They were a fundamental part of the team and have handled every request with ease and unprecedented talent.  No element of the projects were too big or too small.  Hannah and Lexi’s acute attention to detail and incredible talent is limitless.  Their full suite of talent and ability to step into a brand and personify it as a part of the team is unparalleled.  A unique approach with a team that can support all facets of creative strategy, collaboration and implementation is refreshing.  Working tirelessly to meet and exceed expectations is their thing.  Simply the best.

Elise Wood, Managing Partner, Refinition


Our Services


Social Media Management

We start by creating a strategy based on customer interviews and focus on growing your online presence. Then we create a schedule and post social media content that helps keep your business relevant. We take care of everything from social media strategy to content and graphic creation, scheduling, and posting. 



Voice & Audience Guide

Brands can only go so far without a clear and concise understanding of their audience. High Tide goes directly to your past customers to conduct interviews and allow their experiences with your product or service to shape the writing and content. With that information, we create a brand voice guideline and a target audience to be used for all future content and marketing strategies related to your business. 

Our copy comes from a customer-centric mindset. Before writing any copy, we interview current customers and develop a voice guide based on their perception of your product or service. We then can use that voice guide to develop website copy, SEO optimized blog posts, landing page copy, text message and email marketing copy, social media, pitch decks and anything else your business might need.


Email & Text Message Marketing

An average customer purchases from a business after seeing their branding seven times. In this day and age, constant contact is a necessity. High Tide creates, crafts, and implements B2B and B2C text and email drip campaigns to keep everyone focused on your products, specials, etc. That includes everything from strategizing to content creation and graphic design.


Website Development

We will update and optimize your current website or build you a custom site from scratch. Far too often, we’ve seen incredibly complex website builds that don’t allow businesses to update any information. We create the website and empower our clients to be able to make those small changes if they desire! We do everything from the initial site map and front end design to content creation and SEO strategy/implementation. We customize our proposals according to the client’s specifications. 


Brand Development

Branding gives your business the consistency your customers crave. We take the time to learn your business and create a brand that embodies everything your customers are looking for. We develop a voice guide, visual guide, logo, color scheme, social media templates and more. All of our brands are customer-focused. We don’t create a brand that entices you, we work to create a brand that entices your customers.


Outsourced Marketing Department

Not everyone has the ability or desire to pay for a full in house marketing department when the average cost for a marketing department with eight people can be upwards of $50,000 per month or $600,000 annually. However, some businesses still want to have a full-time staff member focused on assisting with marketing needs, which is where we come in. High Tide works to recruit junior level individuals (approved by us) that can start at an entry-level position at your company, while we train and work alongside them. You get the same results as a full in-house marketing team for a fraction of the cost. 


Videography & Photography

Videos are pertinent to telling a story. We work alongside clients to create a storyboard focused on getting the client’s main point across. This storyboard can go hand in hand with our content strategy. We then film, edit and produce the video and provide the client with a final product. Videos are great for fundraising, corporate events, social content and much more. 

The team at High Tide has extensive experience with photography. Whether you are looking to update your team’s headshots, create online visual content, or photograph your products, High Tide can handle it all. High Tide shoots, edits, and shares all photographs within two weeks of the shoot date. 


UI/UX Design

Successful web applications have a user experience that is simple, engaging and complements the core concepts of the application. We work with you to create an ideal list of features. From there, we factor in design considerations from overall workflow to unique demographic use-cases and requirements. Once we finish the prototype, we then create a strategic development plan for the app creation so that the customer can follow alongside our progress. The development includes a detailed phased approach to development and implementation of features, recommended and selected technologies for growth and a timeline for MVP development. 

Once the basic application is ready for user testing, we will support the launch of a beta phase with feature modifications as well as continued work towards the implementation of features that didn’t make it into the initial product release. We iterate, tweak and improve on the base application using available data, and pull in a data scientist as needed to develop a comprehensive plan to prepare for scaling-up.


SEO Optimization

Where is the first place anyone searching for something goes? Google. Through on-page optimization, informational blog posts, and online reputation building, we will make sure when someone searches for anything to do with your business, you pop up. We start by performing an SEO Audit on your website, develop a strategy and offer suggestions, and finally create content to boost your site’s ranking on Google. 



Online Reputation Management

Reviews can make or break your business. Unfortunately, the bad reviews make the most impact. We will create multiple strategies to not only deal with happy customers but tactfully approach disgruntled customers in a way that leaves everyone satisfied. We start by creating a brand voice and guidelines for leaving responses to online reviews. We then develop a strategy that incentives your happy customers to leave reviews instead of just dissatisfied customers.


Targeted Advertising

Google Ads only work when they are in front of your target customer. We create hyper-targeted ad placements based on a customized audience that is predetermined by you, or by us. We can target based on any combination of location, date range, brand or demographic data. These ads are accurate up to 3.85 ft which means that we can target your customers based on their habits. Your ads go to them, so they can come to you.


Marketing Automation

We work with a team of professionals who understand a variety of marketing automation tools to help keep you in constant contact with your customers. Marketing automation simplifies personal online communication while giving you the flexibility to focus on growing your company. We categorize your potential customers by interests, common behaviors, and demographic details. Then, we will develop the marketing templates and deliver a comprehensive, cross-platform user experience.


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