How to Stay Connected During COVID-19’s Forced Social Distancing

If you’re used to offices, happy hours, constant in-person conversations with your friends, then this isolation is more of a struggle than just figuring out how to work from home. You’re shut off from the rest of the world. Those happy hours have to turn into face time conversations, those in-person conversations must turn into texts, and there is a level of uncertainty that everyone is feeling.

No one knows what’s going to happen or when it’s going to end.

And that’s really hard.

We put together six ways to stay connected during COVID-19’s forced social distancing:

  1. Take Time to Heal: For most of us, this is the first time in years that we’ve had an extended amount of time to just stay home. Even though you’re still technically working, this is the perfect time to treat yourself or heal.  Take this time to look inside yourself and focus on areas you’ve been neglecting.
    When was the last time you had a healthy homecooked meal or an at-home skin treatment?  Have you been able to process things that you may not have had time to process earlier? Journal out everything that you’re feeling. Read the books you’ve always wanted to read, Learn to do your nails or take care of your hair. Focus on healing anything you feel needs to be healed.
  2. Stay in Touch: Sometimes our lives can get chaotic and by the time work is out, we are already onto the next activity. This can be especially true when you’re at home and no longer have a car ride to separate work life from home life.
    Make an active effort to video chat your friends and family to catch up with everyone who loves you wants to be sure your safe, but they will also appreciate you checking in as well. Text your friends when you know it isn’t going to cause a distraction or take breaks to go on a walk and give them a call. Perhaps both of you can walk and talk to each other on the phone!
  3. Shower and Change Your Clothes: Yes, this seems obvious but if you don’t leave the house, these things can fall by the wayside. Shower regularly and change your clothes every day. Get dressed for bed and wake up every day with a new outfit. This will help you feel more productive and refreshed.
  4. Co-Watch TV Shows: Movie nights are a wildly popular way to stay hang out with your friends, and you don’t have to give them up in the event of a quarantine.  Google Chrome has an extension called “Netflix Party” that syncs up the show and allows everyone to watch it together in real-time. If you don’t want to watch Netflix or don’t have Chrome, you can still sync up and watch shows at the same time. Start a text thread, do a countdown, and then text each other commentary during the show. Even though you won’t be physically together, you can still do this as a group activity.
  5. Check Off a Goal: Have you wanted to write a book? Learn a new language? Take this time to focus on yourself and accomplish one of those goals you’ve been talking about for years. Schedule time every day to work towards accomplishing it.
  6. Enjoy The Outdoors: In most areas of the country, spring has sprung. Take a break on social media and COVID-19 updates to go outside and enjoy the scenery. Flowers are blooming, grass and trees are coming back to life. Spend some time practicing social media detox. Try your best to live in the moment.

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