Steal Your Audience’s Attention With These Easy Tips

The impression you leave on someone starts five minutes before you are even introduced.  Often we find ourselves jumping to conclusions about a person before we know their story.  Sometimes once we start learning their story, our perception of who they are can change.

The more people know the story behind you, your business or your product, the more they will feel emotionally invested in it. This article in Psychology Today talks about how people’s emotions factor more into a purchasing decision than logic.  People buy based on how they ‘feel’ about a certain product whether that is good or bad.

Tom’s Shoes is a perfect example.  They decided that for every pair of shoes sold, they would donate one to someone in need.  They did this with sunglasses as well.  For every pair of eyeglasses sold, they pay to have someone else’s eyesight restored.

Toms is a for-profit company that still put a cause in the center of their activities.  They created a commercial in 2009 and paired with AT&T.  The commercial showed what Toms was doing and not only showcased the company but AT&T as well.  Their business model spoke to young adults across the nation.  The shoes are priced high, but customers did not see that price as the cost of shoes.  They saw that the price of a cost of shoes alongside a good deed.

Buying clothes is often perceived as something someone does for themselves.  People can feel selfish when spending money on themselves, so being able to buy a fashionable product and help someone else can be validating. When a customer buys a pair of Toms, they aren’t just purchasing a pair of $60 canvas flats, they are buying a pair of shoes for a child in need.

Building a story and a why behind your product could be the difference between someone choosing your brand or a generic brand.  Give your customers a story, give them something they can stand behind and feel great about supporting, give them the why.

At High Tide, all of our marketing is customer-focused. We focus on understanding the why behind your company, then speak directly to your customers to create our wording, design, and strategy. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us. 

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