7 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

Social media is everywhere these days. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is certain; social media is not going anywhere. There are multiple social media trends that come and go, but there has been one consistent stronghold that has become an optimum online marketing tool.


Facebook seamlessly transitioned from a platform that kept college kids connected to a platform that and make or break your business. Studies show that if your business doesn’t have a social media presence (especially on Facebook), it is deemed as less credible than a competitor that does.

Facebook has continued to evolve into a ‘pay to play’ platform, pushing businesses to purchase promotional advertising in addition to managing their page. Although it is quicker to pay for advertising, there are still a few ways you can gain a following organically.

At High Tide, we use a combination of organic strategy and paid advertisements. Below, you will find 7 ways to increase traffic online, organically.

1. Contests and giveaways in exchange for shares.

Announce a contest for your product, a service, or just something fun. The person who shares it and gets the most likes wins. Sharing it on their profile will lend you credibility from word of mouth and gain more visibility.

2. Post engaging content.
a. Engage your audience, ask them to share an experience or a memory that relates to your business or your product. The more emotionally connected customers feel, the more they will remember your product. Always remember to start with the benefit. Customers want to know how your product will make their lives better.

3. When you post, make sure you add a photo.
It has been proven that posts with photos get more traffic than ones without. Whether the photo is cute, funny, or related to your product it will boost views. When you don’t have a photo, you can always create a graphic! Canva is a great tool that can turn your quotes (or anything else) into a fun graphic.

4. When you make a post on your business page, share it on your personal profile as well.
If you are feeling shameless, tag people who might enjoy your post. When you tag friends on something you post on your personal profile, it automatically shows up on theirs (if they don’t have the privacy settings set). Your friends want to see you succeed. Ask them to share your post and have them interact with it.

5. Follow the 80/20 rule.
Experts say you should post 80% non-promotional content and 20% promotional. You want to create a bond with your customers that go beyond selling your product. Give them content that can benefit them. Are you selling yoga mats with yogis as your target customers? Spend 80% of the time showing great poses (on your yoga mats of course) and 20% explaining why your yoga mats are the best.

6. Create an online referral program
Let your current customers know they can receive a discount on a service/product by talking about your business online and even bigger bonuses for referring to their loved ones! If you can turn your customers into your brand evangelists, they can help sell your product and you can focus your efforts on growing your business.

7. Partner up with like-minded business and offer a give-away

Pitch in a service/product with a few other businesses and offer a tempting giveaway to those who like and follow all the involved accounts, while commenting and tagging 4 of their friends. This is a great way to use your network to support other local businesses while tapping into their network and expanding your own.

These are a few ways to organically grow your business on Facebook but the most important thing is to focus on how you can benefit your customers. Share things that can inspire your potential customers, whether they all correlate to your product or not. Remember your job isn’t to just sell your product/service to everyone, it’s to find the people whos live’s will improve from your product/service. How can you start to connect with those people?

If being on social media isn’t your thing, let us take care of it for you. Contact us today for a social media audit.

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