6 Social Media Practices for Beginners

“It’s not official until it’s Facebook official.”


Most of us have probably heard that once or twice in our lifetimes.  It may be accompanied with an agreeing nod or maybe a big eye roll.  Either way, there is no denying that social media is officially integrated with our lives.  Social media (https://www.globalwebindex.net/blog/social-networks-grab-a-third-of-time-spent-online%20) now takes up 1/3 of our time spent online which means for businesses, this is a necessary tool to help build your business.  To some social media seems easy but there is still social media etiquette that some may be unaware of.  We have outlined the top 6 social media practices for business owners.


1. Use the right platform.

2. Check your sources.

    • How many times have you clicked on an article that looked interesting only to find out it was clickbait? If you post links to other websites, make sure you check the links for credibility and readability. If you post bad content, you run the risk of losing your credibility.

3. Make your content visually appealing.

    • People like photos, especially cutes ones that make them stop and think or learn something! Articles with visuals get 94% more views than ones without. Having visual content can also boost engagement by 80%. Bonus points if it’s an infographic. (https://robertkatai.com/visual-marketing-stats-2016/ )

4. Try out new ideas.

    • Don’t be scared to test out a new strategy. The best way to see what’s working and what isn’t is to try a few different posts over a few days and track their analytics.  What’s working? What isn’t? What’s engaging people? Etc.

5. Don’t just try to sell.

    • There is a common rule that says only 25% of content should be self-promoting. You don’t want to bombard your customers; you want to help educate them and turn yourself into a credible source. For every 4 posts, you want one that informs, one that inspires, one that engages, and one that impacts your customers.

6. Engage your customers.

    • Make sure you are checking messages, ratings, reviews, etc. to stay in touch with your customers. If they tag you in a photo, react! Some of the best publicity is by word of mouth.  Having your customers post about you is better than any paid advertising you can get.

You can read hundreds of articles that dissect different tips and tricks for social media beginners, but best thing you can do is to pick and choose what you believe fits your company best.

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